What is a short sale?

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How long does the process take from notice to sale?

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Does your bank still have proof they hold the note to you house?

So, you are behind on your payments, your bank starts the foreclosure process….and? One question that seems like it would be a no brainer is “Does my bank still have the note to my house, proof of the debt owed?” Well, one study shows that in 40% of cases, the bank has misplaced or destroyed the note! What a joke! Check out this video from CNN for details

Watch Out for Loan Modification Scams


This article was alarming to me. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that there are people out there preying on those who are behind in the mortgage payments or upside down with their home loan. But whenever I see things like this it just disgust me to the core.

If you find yourself behind in house payments and looking for options, find someone you trust to help or a referral from someone that knows an expert that can answer your questions and help you though the process. Don’t allow yourself to get involved with a scam like those from this article. Thanks to Google and the Feds for helping to put a stop to this. http://www.sigtarp.gov/press/2011/Google_Web_Ad_Press_Release.pdf